Training at the Bodyliciouz-Academy

The Academy

In our Academy models and artists can select modules and workshops, according to their personal strengths and weaknesses. From basic modules for new faces to advanced and detail orientated workshops for all models the learning takes place in groups and individual meetings. It is the aim of education and training in the Academy to provide perfect knowledge of potentials and strengths. Also a secure and authentic appearance and a healthy and fit body is a main goal.
In the Academy not only the qualities of a good model are taught, also important human skills and basic skills such as teamwork, communication skills and self-expression are passed on.
Bodyliciouz is what our card-index represent! At regular agency meetings we maintain contact with our models and work on a constant exchange and convertible concept.

Our expertise

In addition to the permanent team at the agency we have many staff at the expanded network such as photographers, stylists, makeup artists, sports and catwalk coaches and talent scouts.

In our auditions and castings given by internal stuff or talent scoutings, the candidates will be presented to bookers, customers and other opinion leaders. We go hand in hand with the customers by preparing our talented faces before the first GoSees.

Model promotion / scholarship

To especially talented new faces we give the Bodyliciouz scholarship. With this scholarship we want to support young people, who work talented and ambitious in our agency. promote. Our scholarship holders receive discounts and special promotions. We understand youth development as a contribution to a model world after the basic values of Bodyliciouz-Agency: healthy, pretty and talented.


We offer our Services not only to our New Faces Models and inventory, but also to freelancers and other people from the fields Photo Model, Catwalk Model, Acting, moderation, etc.

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